E-cigarettes are the other name of electronic cigarettes. They have become very popular all over the world and most people believe that they are far better than regular cigarettes. There is not much difference between the E-cigarettes and regular cigarettes as they both contain tobacco and can cause issues within the human system. There are plenty of different types of E-cigarettes such as E-pipe, E-cigar, large or medium-size tank devices, etc. There are also a lot of different methods of “vaping”. Some of them are:

• placing the vape or E-cigarette at the side of your mouth
• slowly drawing on the vape for 3-5 seconds to allow the atomizer to fully heat up
• holding the vapor in the mouth before you inhale it into your lungs
• exhaling through the nostrils and many others

But besides the many different types and methods of an E-cigarette, there are a lot of reasons why you shouldn’t use it as well. Here are the 10 reasons why you shouldn’t use an E-cigarette:

They can be as addictive as the tobacco

Both the E-cigarettes and all the other tobacco products contain nicotine. The nicotine is the reason they can become highly addictive. A study that was conducted at the American University of Beirut in collaboration with the Center for the Study of Tobacco Products has shown that the E-cigarettes contain highly addictive forms of nicotine. Besides nicotine, there are a lot of liquids that are included in the E-cigarettes so they still have a lot of toxic chemicals that are included in them.

They can have negative effects on the lungs

Just like every other product that contains tobacco, the E-cigarettes can cause a variety of issues with the lungs and other respiratory organs. Supposedly, the E-cigarettes have a “benefit” which is inhaling vapor instead of smoke, however, that benefit is not entirely true since the smoke still has a very destructive effect on the lungs. A study, conducted by the Indiana University and published in May 2015, showed that the “nicotine-free” E-cigarette vapor can cause damage to the lungs’ endothelial cells. These cells aim to protect the lungs from any infections so if they are damaged, that could cause issues with the immune system.

They will not help you quit smoking

Many smokers tend to try E-cigarettes because they think that in this way they can quit smoking. That is certainly not the case, especially with the included nicotine in the vaping products. A study, which included about 840 smokers, revealed that smokers who use E-cigarettes were highly unlikely to quit smoking any time soon. One of the statements, given after the results, was that there was no difference in the rate of quitting between smokers who did and who didn’t use E-cigarettes.

The vaporizers are not regulated by the FDA

The vaporizers are not regulated by the government, unlike cigarettes or smokeless tobacco. Many people reported issues such as pneumonia, disorientation, seizures or even congestive heart failure that was caused by the vaporizers and the vape juice. The reports of dangers are actually growing and the safety of these juices still remains unknown which is why they are dangerous.

There is a risk of battery explosion

While with the regular cigarettes there is no such risk, with the vapes there is a huge risk of a battery explosion. The vaporizers usually need a battery so that they can have the power to create all of the water vapor. Many things could happen with that battery and it could explode out of nowhere, which is one of the reasons why the vaporizers are even more dangerous than regular cigarettes.

They can leave stains

Because of the vapor juice, they can sometimes leave stains, especially when you are planning to change it. The vapor juice contains different ingredients and some of them could leave a very strong smell. Not only it can smell, but it could also leave a stain for a long time so it’s good to keep it away from clothes and do it precisely.

They can cause issues with brain development

Young people who are vaporizing are more vulnerable to their effects. The nicotine can cause addiction and the other ingredients could affect the brain. It’s a known fact that the brain development of a young person is more vulnerable to addictive substances than that of a fully developed adult brain. Besides that, nicotine could also interfere with cognitive functioning and cause various issues as well.

There is no evidence that the aerosol is safe

The E-cigarettes include aerosol. The aerosol is one of the main ingredients that can help the vaporizers and their smoke and the smell of the vapor juice as well. The aerosol usually contains a lot of heavy metals, additives, and ultrafine particles and because of that, it could play a big part as to why the E-cigarettes are so harmful.

They have little consistency across various products

Unlike the other tobacco products, the E-cigarettes and the other vaping devices have a limited amount of federal oversight so you can’t tell the dangers of any specific product. There is just a variety of different ingredients such as nicotine or other toxins.

They are not less harmful than cigarettes

People who use E-cigarettes believe that they are less dangerous than regular cigarettes but that is not true. There are plenty of side effects and nicotine that are as dangerous as normal cigarettes. There are issues like dehydration, cancer, weakened lungs and so much more are some of the issues that could be caused by the vapor juice and the solvents that are included in it.

In Summary

With all of the above-mentioned reasons, it’s safe to say that the E-cigarettes contain everything that a regular cigarette does. They are just as addictive and dangerous as the regular cigarettes are and they could cause a variety of complex issues with the respiratory organs such as the lungs, trachea, cancer and many others that people tend to forget about.


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