Autism spectrum disorder is generally known as autism. People who suffer from this disorder are slightly different from normal people. Autism is a mental condition that affects the capabilities of proper communication in individuals with autism and other people around them. Experts have defined it as a pervasive developmental delay. It can occur in any country and to anyone, regardless of their age, caste, and race. It is believed that in autism, the frontal part of the brain develops rapidly. Individuals with autism can be presented in different ways. Some autistic people do not engage that much socially and focus on their lives and interests and some do not speak to anyone and are nonverbal.

In this article, you will get information regarding the behaviors that reveal a child may be autistic. It can be a little difficult to identify autism in children. Some child doesn’t have autism, but they develop habits that make it seem like they are suffering from it. The effects of autism vary from person to person. So if you want to get all the information then keep reading.

Difficulty in Concentrating

This is one of the common behaviors of an autistic child. Children with autism have problems giving attention or focusing on others. People around them think that they are doing it intentionally, but it’s a rare case when an autistic person does it intentionally. They don’t face that much problem in reading but they have a hard time following a rapid speech. So if a child can easily focus on books, but have a hard time focusing on a speaker, then there might be a possibility of autism.

Avoid Eye Contact

There are chances of autism in a child if he or she does not maintain eye contact. It will be more difficult for a child with autism to maintain eye contact while having a conversation. You can teach how to maintain eye contact with an autistic child, but if a child is having a hard time looking at your eyes or if he is looking here and there nervously, then you should take him for a checkup.


It is seen in some cases that a child with autism will do self-abuse. If you see a self-abusing pattern is a child, then autism might be the reason behind it. Well, self-abuse can be seen in very serious cases of autism as it is not common in every autistic child. If a child is intentionally harming himself like intentionally cutting hand, picking their skin, then it can be a very serious situation. One should not ignore these behavioral signs.

Make Unusual Noises

Well, normal children can also make noises just to disturb and annoy others, but there’s a slight difference between making noises and bolting or screeching. Children with autism will make strange noises and do gestures just to calm themselves. They will bolt from one room to another to defend themselves from a disturbing situation. It’s difficult to say that a child has autism just by judging on the basis of noises, but if you are close to them, then you will feel a strange vibe when they make these kinds of noises.


It is very common in children with autism to do self stimming. Generally, autistic children do weird kinds of hand movements and some strange physical things. So if you notice a child flicking their fingers, making mumbling and humming sounds, then it is not misbehavior. It can be a sign that the child has autism.


Hypersensitivity is common in autism. It means that a child or a person with autism will feel very uncomfortable in certain things which is normal for other people. It can be anything like an autistic child may find synthetic fabrics uncomfortable. There are many cases when children with autism say things like they feel oily even after washing clearly. They may feel uncomfortable in lights that flicker and in some normal noises, which other people ignore. For example- insect noise or noises of the motor or any kind of mechanical noises will disturb them.


Savantism is the most popular indicator of autism. However, it is not common, but there are many examples in the past. Savantism means a great ability in a particular subject. If a child has a narrow interest in everything except one, then it can be a behavioral sign of autism. People with autism have an immense interest in a particular thing. They love to talk about that thing while others get bored. If a child has an interest in only one subject and has incredible capabilities on that subject, then it can be a sign of autism.

Flat Affect Problem

This problem is very common in children with autism. Basically, in this problem, a child will not show his or her emotions by their face or by their body. Their faces will show no emotions, no matter how sad or happy they are. If a child is not able to show their emotions even if they want to, then there might be a possibility of autism.

Obsessed Organized Behavior

It means that if a person is very obsessed to follow a particular routine in his daily life. Doing the same thing daily and having an urge to organize things in a same way and not much willing to change. These can be the signs of a child with autistic disorder.

Trouble in Picking Social Cues

It is very difficult for a person or child to figure out what other people are trying to interpret. They don’t understand the common signs that normal people use to explain things. So if a child is not able to get the normal emotional signs, then the reason may be autism.

In Summary

It is not necessary that a child will exhibit all of the traits. It differs from person to person. In short, a person with autism faces problems in social interactions, understanding other’s emotions, have narrow interests in other things and more in one particular subject, fear changes in the routine. These were some signs to identify autism, hope it will help you to clear all of your doubts and queries.


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